Careerpedia is a unique careers information and mentorship resources that aims to create more employable youth by providing them with necessary information to guide on career choices for students, teachers, parents and other individuals who need to make decisions on what occupations to go into or what training to undertake based on the labor market.

Careerpedia is approved by Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) and contains 120 career descriptions, all designed with secondary school students in mind. It contains relevant and localized content that students can easily identify with and make smart career choices.  

It also has job descriptions, academic courses required for each, and directory of where to obtain the courses, interviews with professionals in each career and an accompanying Careerpedia Workbook. The resources materials are available in the market in print and digital versions.

The concept of Careerpedia is in line with the Ministry of Education’s current efforts to enhance the capacity of Career guidance teachers in secondary schools as well as improve the access to career information for students. The need for these resources is also emphasized by the Summative Evaluation report by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development

Why Careerpedia?

Over one million youth enter the job market annually after completing primary, secondary and college level education. A recent study by Kenyan universities in Kenya found out that educational institutions emphasize on good grades alike integrated education. Employers on the other side are increasingly dissatisfied with the lack of soft skills as teamwork, reliability, personal attributes, transferable skills, and problem solving as well as challenges in using modern technology among university graduate.The fact that 60% of Kenya youth are still unemployed leads to a tragic national waste of human potential, increased poverty, inequality, crime and insecurity. The lack of information about post-secondary training, wide range of career options, industry trends, job search skills and life skills led us to development of this career intervention resources to address these gaps.

Careerpedia Discover Your Career workbook is a step by step self-discovery guide to students as they plan their career pathways. It helps students identify specific careers most suited to their personality, skills and interests.

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