Meet Emmanuel Wanjuu, our Mentor of the year.

At 22, Emmanuel, like most university students, divided his time between going to class, socializing with friends, volunteering and of course trying to hustle his way through by picking up a few minor ventures here and there.

It is through his typical self of always putting himself out there that he learnt of an internship opportunity at Storymoja Africa to help in putting together and producing the Storymoja Festival 2014. Luckily he was selected to make up a team of 70 for the festival. He epitomized the festival values of open-mindedness, integrity, responsiveness, path- breaking and team work and was humbled to be recognized as the best intern among the team. He found a new home at Storymoja and in 2015 was called upon to play a more active and core role in the preparation and execution of Storymoja's first regional festival held in Nakuru county as well as the main festival in Nairobi the same year.

It is during this time that he interacted with the Careerpedia team at the very initial stages of the development of the volumes and even had the opportunity to participate in a few mentor interviews. Having internalized the dream and vision behind the ambitious Careerpedia project, he couldn't help but recall his high school days and the specific challenge of  subject selection and career guidance. He clearly remembers that as much as the teachers wanted to help, they lacked reference materials to extract all the relevant information the students needed.

Emmanuel looked back and was convinced that the few mistakes he had made along the way could have been avoided if he had such materials with rich information and a mentor to guide him. Quoting one of Buddha's proverbs, ''if you knew better you would have done better'', he had the great desire to change the lives of his former schoolmates and decided to save the little money he had and purchase the resource materials for his Alma Mater. After some months, his dream came true and he donated two sets of encyclopedias as well as 40 Careepedia workbooks to his former school which were used to conduct a mentorship workshop at the school for the students.

Despite his busy job, he still makes time to actively mentor young boys and girls at his local church as well as through volunteering with different organizations, he lives the words of Franklin Roosevelt that, "we cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future."

Emmanuel is the embodiment of a young selfless heart that is always ready to give and make a difference. Even though he didn’t have much, that didn’t stop him from making one of the biggest differences in the lives of the students in his former school. Now they have the opportunity to make the best career choices for themselves, the ripple effect of this being that this will lead to future satisfaction in their lives. 

‘’If you light a lamp for someone it will also brighten your own path.’’  - Buddhist proverb

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