CMN is the largest diverse talent pool where students and professionals engage in a mutually beneficial manner about career paths and roadmaps.  Although some schools, universities and organizations organize ad hoc mentorship events, the Careerpedia mentorship network organize and manage systems and processes that makes it possible to measure, scale up and effectively deliver a mentorship programme with long-term impact.  We are interested to fill in the gap in students’ knowledge about career realities in the Kenyan job market.

Corporates and organized alumni groups are warmly invited to sponsor mentorship events.

Benefits to firm and employees:

       1. Increased visibility of firm to community

-      Employees becomes positive role models to the community

-      Showcase employee skills and education to the community

2.          2. Involvement in preparing of future workforce by emphasizing on key skills and values required in your career

            3. Inform students about emerging career trends

     Enhances ones professional growth; communication and presentation skills among others         

          4. Impact young people’s lives positively by motivating them to become part of your organization or your career through hard work.

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